About us

This page is the simple product of a couple of irritated internet connoisseurs. We work in web-related jobs, and we look at sites all day long: some good, some bad. Many of them are either unfinished, sadly finished and they should not be since they’re terrible, or are totally terrible and the people are actually fine with that. It’s frustrating. Sometimes something is so bad you can’t help but laugh. Schadenfreude is funny. This is a place for us to post up some of the webominations we run across on a daily basis, rant about them a bit, poke fun at them, and share them with others. Feel free to join in on the fun, and send us submissions of your own (to submissions@webbombs.com). Make a comment, tweet it to your friends, and have fun with it.

So… Not like we have a legal department. This is just a hobby project. It should go without saying that the views expressed on the site are those of the authors, be they the posters or commenters. It’s intended to be humorous in an acerbic, caustic and sarcastic way. It is mean sometimes, sure, but a good friend once told me that belligerence is hilarious. He was right. Feel free to join us, but if you don’t like what we do please keep your comments to yourselves. I get that not everyone likes this sort of thing, and I’m sorry if you’re offended. We’re just having some good-natured fun. If you feel very strongly, donate some money so we can hire some help for the poor amateur designers featured on the site!

At some point, we would like to set up a sort of Razzie-style award (The Bommies) and collect donations for people to hire a real web developer and help them out! If you are a developer, shoot us an email (holler@webbombs.com) and we can talk about doing a project when we get The Bommies off the ground. If you would like to donate design services for any of the sites featured here, let us know that as well. It would be fun to have a before and after showcase to show off your work.

Who we are!

If you like to laugh at bad websites, this is the place! We review websites -- but not just any website -- we look for web bombs! Websites so bad they're funny. Epic web fails. There's a certain humor in something that is done really poorly, since thinking about it makes you feel better about yourself. We find these bad websites, then we rant about them for your entertainment.

Bad design comes in many flavors: bad navigation, poor choice of layout and images, tacky color choices, and a whole slew of other problems. We are on the hunt for some of the most horrible websites we can find so you can make fun of them with us. Share them with your friends - use them to Rickroll some poor sod, then donate some money so we can hire these people a good web developer!