Worst. Background. Ever!

Mar 15, 2012 2 Rants    Bad website filed under: Cluster Bombs

Web Bombs Bad Website: inet-web.com

This page is sooooooo lame. Go check it out and try to retain your respect for the human race. I dare you. You see, we often point out irritating animated gifs, and once in a while we find a page with an animated gif background image. That’s moronic. If animated gif backgrounds are moronic, this is a whole bus full of morons because the ENTIRE background is a god damn video! As in a looping commercial! What could possibly possess them to do such a thing? Ridiculous. Now, here’s the part that kicks it from a bad idea to a confusing and shocking one. This is the website of a web development company. Whaaat? Now the bus has delivered the morons to a fucking moron convention! I like to try and imagine the room when the one dude was proposing this idea to the other dudes. Didn’t anyone stop to realize it was moronic? Fucking morons.

p.s. I know they know better somewhere deep down because if you hunt for it you can find a decent page that they’ve hidden away. See if you can find it.


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  • Hey, you forgot the obvious… er… ‘champ’:
    Please don’t stare at the link above for more than 10 seconds, ok?

    • We’ve tweeted about that page a couple of times. It’s so bad!

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