What are The Bommies?
The Bommies are design awards for bad sites. This is a backhanded compliment to be sure, but it’s all in good fun. Think of how The Razzies poke fun at bad movies every year. By creating an award for bad design, we will ultimately raise awareness of good design! It’s not all fun and games though. We want to help these folks.

How will The Bommies help?
We intend to open up voting for our fans to choose the worst websites out of our reviews. We will put up a voting page here, and the sites that win will get free help from professional developers! First we need to build up readership to make the voting more meaningful, and funds from donations to hire the developers.

How do I earn a Bommie?
You really want one? If your site is featured here, just keep doing what you’re doing, bro. If you win you will have the chance for a professional developer to give your site a makeover. You can also post a special badge on your site if you have a thick skin and good sense of humor, so people can see the before and after shots!

Why are you so mean?
So, here at Web Bombs, we like making fun of bad sites. Don’t think that makes us heartless, though. Everyone has made a bad site… People make mistakes. I made some clunkers in my day. So here’s the rub: we know what makes a good website and we also know what a successful web presence can do for a business. If your site sucks bad enough to be on a Web Bombs, somebody should really tell you. Ever had a piece of food stuck in your teeth during a date and the person never called you back? Wish someone would have just told you? That’s what we’re doing.

When will the vote go out?
Look, this is a labor of love. Unless some kind-hearted developers offer their services pro bono (wink, wink, nudge, nudge:, we will have to pay them with donations to the site. The more you donate, the sooner we can get the cash to do a vote. Be nice, because these folks need the help! Plus, think of all the starving web developers out there.




Who we are!

If you like to laugh at bad websites, this is the place! We review websites -- but not just any website -- we look for web bombs! Websites so bad they're funny. Epic web fails. There's a certain humor in something that is done really poorly, since thinking about it makes you feel better about yourself. We find these bad websites, then we rant about them for your entertainment.

Bad design comes in many flavors: bad navigation, poor choice of layout and images, tacky color choices, and a whole slew of other problems. We are on the hunt for some of the most horrible websites we can find so you can make fun of them with us. Share them with your friends - use them to Rickroll some poor sod, then donate some money so we can hire these people a good web developer!