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Dec 10, 2011 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Pipe Bombs

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Let’s be honest for a moment… This site could be a lot worse. It could also be a lot better! Instead of getting all upset about how terrible it is, I’d like to point out a set of subtle errors that make it collectively lame. Here again, it appears that we have the work of either an amateur shop owner who decided that they should dust off that old copy of Frontpage or perhaps a young nephew who took a class in high school and got roped into making this because he had no idea what else to do.

Take a look around… It’s dated, somehow simple and yet too complex at the same time, and most importantly clunky and ugly. The part that gets me is the use of the background image behind the text. It’s just flat-out hard to read. You couldn’t put that pic in the background of the page because you just HAD to get that retarded swirly blue background in? Now, I can’t guarantee this site was made with Frontpage but let’s just say that those tired looking navigation buttons seem a tad familiar.

Okay, okay… The more I look at this site, something keeps coming to mind. The person who made this really seems to care about their site and wants to make it work! There is some Facebook integration, the videos on the cake page are really trying hard (and looking overblown to the point of silliness) and there’s even an attempt at a favicon though it looks silly. This whole page just looks silly. If you  know what to do, and what you want your site to do, one more time – I feel like a broken record saying this all the time – why did she not hire a developer to do this? It’s coming close to the mark on several levels, but it just ends up being a muddy clump of lamesauce in the end. Boring, difficult to read, and yet cluttered and hacked at the same time. I just don’t get it. Some polish, expertise, and little bit of cohesive design could have turned this into a successful web presence instead of a time suck.

Reminds me of the movie The Money Pit, and I imagine the “designer,” whether that’s Candy Lady herself or her nephew, it has obviously been worked over at the expense of either money or time or both. I shudder to think that this might actually be the work of a real developer. Maybe it was the guy. Whatever it is, it hurts my eyes and I want to move on with my life.

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