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Christian movie review websites… When I think of that, I just KNOW it’s going to be a bad site. People who get worked up and want to spread their ideas, yet they have no money or drive to actually work on or improve the site tend to be the worst sort of DIYers. Now, the stakes are low in their own way. It really doesn’t matter if the site is “successful” because frankly they will continue to spout no matter what. I mean, who listens to street-preachers or other similar screaming crazy fucks? That doesn’t mean they won’t keep screaming day after day. It’s some kind of mental masturbation that keeps them going, I can only presume.

Folks like Mr. Carder will never hire someone or put any effort into making their site more usable. Those animated gifs (dig the spinning rendered cross at the bottom) and MS Paint graphics scream “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” and we all know how well that works for websites. I checked to make sure he’s still updating it, and sure enough there are new reviews going up regularly. The page has all sorts of things that he probably thinks are flashy. The film strip on top with the animated rainbow lights is super classy. Why the hell is it so pixelated? Don’t tell me he didn’t notice that shit! In fact, this whole sites just oozes class. Ron Burgundy has nothing on him. When he logs in, do you think it occurs to him that it’s getting dated a little? Maybe he just doesn’t feel like updating it or maybe he really thinks it’s just fine. Hard to say. What I can say is that this guy really thinks he’s important. Most of the site is about how right he is. There is a quotation on the front page that I assumed was from some lecturer or theologian:

We have become so drugged, so morally numbed by the narcotic effect of extremes in and as entertainment that what once was morally unacceptable has become morally invisible.

I realized, after looking at the donation page, that the quote was his own. He signed it “TC” and I guess I am a sucker and I assumed that if I were a nutjob I would know who that was. Nope, that trite and pedantic bullshit is entirely his own.

Check out the page where he describes how much “work” goes into reviewing the movies. He makes it sound like he’s kicking himself right square in the nuts to bring us these reviews. There’s a painstaking process that really boils down to watching a movie, then putting some shit into forms and posting it on the site. Of course, since he wants to get you to donate, he makes it seem like this is SO hard that you’re getting a real bargain for flipping him some cash.

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