Bad websites filed under: IEDs

Improvised Explosive Devices. Cobbled-together sites that do not fit well into the nice manufactured categories, but are still pretty lethal.

Web Bombs Bad Website: Come for the dress…

Come for the dress…

… Stay for the schizophrenic mess! This website is at first funny, and then bizarre, and finally a little frightening. […]

Bad Website posted Mar 23, 2012
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Web Bombs Bad Website: Legitimate, totally legal software!

Legitimate, totally legal software!

Do you suppose some people would visit this site and convince themselves it’s a legal and viable alternative to full […]

Bad Website posted Mar 20, 2012
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Web Bombs Bad Website: Great Dreams for Nutjobs

Great Dreams for Nutjobs

I often find myself wondering where to start with these reviews. I mean, look at this site and just try […]

Bad Website posted Dec 31, 2011
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Web Bombs Bad Website: Hoarder


This site will go down in history as the WORST ecommerce website known to mankind. Your grandkids will remember […]

Bad Website posted Nov 12, 2011
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Web Bombs Bad Website: At least there’s a dancing girl…

At least there’s a dancing girl…

Slightly NSFW. This terrible website is really strange. Again, this seems to be a trend with bad websites I’m finding… […]

Bad Website posted Nov 4, 2011
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Web Bombs Bad Website: Visual Vomit

Visual Vomit

I’m a little torn about this bad website. On the one hand, I love quirky Japanese stuff and I’m on […]

Bad Website posted Oct 30, 2011
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