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This entire post will be written in British slang in celebration of our first site. You don’t like it? Get stuffed! Me being a septic, I had to do a spot of swotting to gen up first. Put your mouse over a word to see the cheat hints if you’re a spoil-sport.

Gor blimey! Ace project, mate! The dog’s bollocks! Just taking the piss… It’s jolly beastly. They right bodged it. Looks like a biggie dropped on my screen. Takes a bit ‘a bottle to dish up a site like this. Bloody brassed me off, truth be told. Take a butchers, mush.

Maybe they were arseholed, bladdered in a nappy after a piss up when they knocked it up, or maybe they are just barmy. Daft ‘apeth if nothing else. Maybe they couldn’t be fagged to do it the full monty because it looks half-arsed at best.

This site looks like a class project for wee wankers. Hand coded, not a database in sight. It would be a bloody doddle with a database, but no… Horses for courses, s’pose. I would love to think that they used a site builder and imported a spreadsheet at the very least, but there’s no evidence of it. This is basic HTML.

The good: it’s simple, right? I’m a bit chuffed there’s a color scheme at all. It’s bespoke (thank god). The tones cost bugger all, so at least they’re not flogging ‘em. The navigation is well sorted, to boot. Of course it gets all pear shaped from here.

The bad: the colors are cocked up! They make me feel right dicky, like honking a bit. Second, the site’s a duff. It’s a bit naff. Nobody needs these anymore and there are gobs of cracker tone sites about that take the biscuit. But Ring Tones Galore do cost sweet fuck all and I guess you don’t get owt for nowt, innit!

That’s my wind up and Bob’s your uncle!

Right, I’m off for a Jimmy Riddle.

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  • just wanna say congrats to the reviewer’s comments above…so funny and had me doubled up in tears.

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