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Nov 4, 2011 Only 1 Rant    Bad website filed under: IEDs

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Slightly NSFW. This terrible website is really strange. Again, this seems to be a trend with bad websites I’m finding… It’s hard to tell if it’s like this on purpose or not. I stand by the fact that these are terrible, even if the creator realized that or was going for it. I mean, look at this monstrosity. Imagine the scenario… Some German dude, who’s into boats and chicks, makes a site about… Um… I think maybe you can buy or download his awesome flashy animations? WHY would you make the site like this if that’s what you were going for? Anybody want to take a guess? It seems like there are some indications that the dude is bragging about how fast his site is. Maybe he wanted to load it up with as much shit as possible? Speaking of shit, we’re lucky he isn’t a sheisse video aficionado or these gifs would be ten times worse. I think that is about the only thing that would make it worse. Literal shit.

So, again, screenshots are not enough to highlight how bad this is, because half of the graphics are hidden behind things. There is really no nav here at all, and if you can find something to click on another image usually pops out somewhere. It’s completely broken nav. Then, it goes from bad to worse fast. When you do find something to click on, some of the pages you go to are even worse than this one and all of them are weird! There’s even a page to play chess. Don’t ask me how to get there… Just click on stuff and you might find it if you’re lucky. These random pages are bad, but since there’s less on them they’re slightly less confusing to look at. OMG! Stop the press. I just found there’s a “faster navigation” link on the upper left hand corner (I think that’s what it meant)! I dare you to take a look? That’s really better? It is, I suppose, but it totally means that this guy knew how bad his site was. Why would he leave it that way? Instead of showing us how to fix it by clicking a button, why wouldn’t you just fix it? I tried to run Google Translate on this site, but I think it was confused because most of the text (and I don’t mean the stuff in the images. I’m not retarded) didn’t translate at all. I can understand it’s confusion. Enjoy!

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  • Aaaaaaaaaand I said “you design sensibilities” like I’m some kind of caveman. Instead of just correcting the post, I’ll comment on it instead and leave it there, because self-deprecation is funny. It’s not ironic at all that one of the lines in the actual post declares that I’m not a retard. I’ll blame the iPhone’s tendency to autocorrect but you all probably know better…

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