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Apr 27, 2012 2 Rants    Bad website filed under: Duds, Pipe Bombs

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Ugh. It’s so ugly! What is it with animal breeder sites? I know these people make a lot of money so why don’t they get a real site? Look at this one.

First of all, it looks all out of balance, like a one-legged hunchback. That text in the upper left, why isn’t that just in their content down below? Because they’re lazy. And it looks stupid as hell. And what’s with that navigation bar in the middle of the screen? It’s obviously designed to be on the left. Pretty much the whole page is centered after the stupid looking picture above. Why people feel the need to center all of their content, I will never understand. One more thing… Why do they have a link to their own website at the very bottom of their page?!

If you click around, ONLY their homepage is centered like that. The fuck? So they do know better? Maybe they mistakenly centered the home page and didn’t know how to fix it? It’s baffling. It’s not that the site is all that bad besides. Ugly, sure, but it’s a good example of an amateur making some rookie mistakes. Is it bad enough to cost them money? Probably. Dog breeding is very competitive. This site is dog ugly (pun totally intended. Screw you, you snootie curmudgeon) and tough to use. If they sold just one or two more dogs off their website, it would surely pay their development fees. Their YouTube videos aren’t helping, either. Looks dirty and I bet it smells. Gross.

I think the dogs are ugly, too, but we’re totally cat people at Web Bombs. Not crazy-cat-lady types, but it’s a preference thing. Which do you prefer, dear reader? I didn’t mean to call you snootie, baby. It was just the liquor talking…


Cats or Dogs? Tell us what you prefer.

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  • We like to keep it focused on the bad websites, so ours takes a bit of a back seat. Thanks for the input, though!

  • Wow. Utterly wow. This site is so bad that it’s… no, it’s not good. its so bad that it went past the point of being good to being bad all over again. Also, as a side note, this is the first day I have been using this site, and I love it. There is a little work to be done, however. There doesn’t seem to be too much bad websites on here, for example. Also, a good background would be cool. At the very least, a picture of an atomic bomb on the left and right sides of he screen.

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