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Oct 29, 2011 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Duds, IEDs

Web Bombs Bad Website: Artisanges.net

I am so glad I can’t read this page. Honestly. It allows me to just bask in the visual splendor on display. I think it’s an artist page about angels or something, but who cares? Just look at it! If you are nostalgic for the old Geocities days, look no further. I thought that psychic page was bad… And it is. This one gives it a run for the money though. Look at the utter disregard for function. Marvel at the haphazard arrangement of tacky animated gifs on the screen. Be held in awe at the absence of any kind of navigation, sensible or otherwise. Amazing. Amazing that someone worked on this for a week, and then sat back and actually hit the publish button. Did nobody look it over one last time? Did the designer get a brain tumor and head to surgery right after they got the draft up? We may never know, sadly. I’d love to go to dinner with them and pick their brain, but the mental hospital probably wouldn’t like that. At least they gave me some entertainment. Thanks!


Update: Looks like they’ve closed it down. About time. Seriously.

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