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Apr 16, 2012 4 Rants    Bad website filed under: Cherry Bombs, Pipe Bombs

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Why is it the case that these religious types almost universally have terrible websites? Does god have problems keeping up with web trends? By the look of this page it would appear the angels still use as their primary means of communicating with the prophets.

It makes it a little hard to take these doomsday prophecies seriously when there’s a glittery spinning rainbow gif right next to the text. You know what I love? Check out the index page. Now, you’re thinking I mean the first page that pulls up when you go to it, but I’m actually talking about the page that she titled index. See how it looks like a “sitting room?” This is the weirdest nav… It gets better. Most of the pages are laid out like rooms in a house for no reason. Some pages have a mysterious navigation button called “blue print.” Click on that and you’ll see a floor plan. Bop around on those and you’ll be delighted to see how crazy this woman is. Promise.

Why did god tell her to break her navigation, I wonder? God truly works in mysterious ways, if his prophets here on earth are any indication…

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  • Hey there Big Diction! Found a classic for you. Luv the cowboy boots in the bathtub… have fun!!! Miss U lots!

    • Oh man. That’s a good one. WARNING: Auto-play media. Make sure your sound is on.

  • After viewing ‘ringtonesgalore’ website, I thought I was ready for anything…But Not…lol. I couldn’t review it due to that crazy horse on the home page. I was in hysterics and couldn’t continue.

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