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Oh my god. This site makes my head spin. So, I grew up Catholic. I admit it. I am having flashbacks looking up this site. Boredom, giving way to cynicism and anger… This page is supposed to be some kind of scriptural repository to back up religious theories, but it just seems like a dumping ground to me.
For the love of god, this site is terrible. Let’s start with it being ugly, and the text and font make it tough to read. At least it’s not light-on-dark-background because I’ve been seeing way too much of that lately. The navigation is confusing to the layman because there’s no indication of what all the links are supposed to point to. It’s just all sorts of silly and pointless. Oh, and nice Papyrus font there. What are we, watching a little too much Avatar or something? Hey wait, it makes more sense on this page then it did on the cover of that movie, so maybe I should give this site credit. It’s still ugly. Also, look how much content is here! Some of these pages are intensely long. I hope the poor soul who built this clunker spent some serious time in the confessional afterward. I would have given him about 10 Hail Marys and 5 Our Fathers for such a shitty site.

This site reminds me a lot of priests, actually. Crazy long-winded, rambling, aimless, ugly, and slightly offensive to my sensibilities. Also, the entire site is by nature totally defensive. It’s supposed to be in defense of the Catholic Church from those who say it’s not based on scripture. It comes off as pompous and arrogant while being utterly uninspiring and undeserving of that attitude. Did I mention it reminds me of a priest? Clicking around on these books, I can also see there’s a fair amount of pandering going on here, and also trash-talking the competition. Like a priest. If this site could have halitosis, a hair growing out of a mole on its cheek, and a penchant for standing too close so as to drill all that awkwardness right into you, I bet it would.

I don’t really care about the content, despite my personal feelings about it, but I do care when people write such long sites under some misguided notion that anyone else in the webiverse will ever read the damn thing. I’m pretty sure that the ENTIRE FUCKING BIBLE is written here on this site, but without any of that, oh… You know… Organization?! Organization is for heathens! It’s almost like they just got an electronic version of the bible, and then did a search on, like, usury or whatever other bullshit they want to talk about, and then just copy/pasted the results onto the page. Now, one more time here, couldn’t they just use a database for this?

I thought I had figured out what the point of the website was, but the more I look I am just confused. Kinda like the church. Seems kinda obvious but then it just keeps happening til it stops making sense. Remember that scene in Tommy Boy or whatever, when they keep saying a word over and over til it sounds weird. That’s what this site is doing to me. It’s just a giant pile of biblical quotes with almost no context or interpretation. I don’t get it. Of course, I’m not really meant to, but at the same time I’m not sure who the target audience is supposed to be at all.

I will give the author credit for faithfully reproducing the things that made church suck for me when I was a kid. Tediously boring, yet somehow manages to rile me up.  Thanks for the memories, Scripture Catholic.

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  • Oh! Looks like they have changed the font on the front of the site (used to be Papyrus) since we took the screenshot. Not that it makes it better… But maybe they took offense to our comparison to Avatar? Doesn’t seem like they changed any of the other stuff that actually mattered. Figures.

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