Our mission at Web Bombs is simple: we want to raise awareness of good web design and promote the people who do it by pointing out bad design and providing a little entertainment at the same time.

Just like you shouldn’t do your own legal filing to incorporate your business, redo the plumbing on your turn-of-the-century house, or replace the head gasket on your VW, you really shouldn’t build your own website if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. These things require training.

Think of it like this: when you’re painting and redecorating a house, you can save good money by doing it yourself. Problem is, it will look like garbage. Now, your botched bedroom remodel won’t hurt your business (unless you’re in a brothel), but a bad website absolutely can. If you have a shitty website people will think you’re lame and they won’t want to buy anything or come back ever again. Sounds harsh? Some people need tough love.

The take home lesson? The web is not a fad, it’s an extremely important facet of your business model or business presence in general. The internet is serious business. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you’re doing it quick and dirty before you can afford to hire someone (in which case you probably shouldn’t bother) or you know what you’re doing and plan to continue learning more about it to stay sharp. A lot more, in this day and age. It’s a full time job running a good website.

We try to have fun with it, but in reality the sites that we feature here are failing. Hard. We would love to see everyone on the internet have an excellent presence that really helps them achieve their goals. Until that happens, we will have Web Bombs.


Who we are!

If you like to laugh at bad websites, this is the place! We review websites -- but not just any website -- we look for web bombs! Websites so bad they're funny. Epic web fails. There's a certain humor in something that is done really poorly, since thinking about it makes you feel better about yourself. We find these bad websites, then we rant about them for your entertainment.

Bad design comes in many flavors: bad navigation, poor choice of layout and images, tacky color choices, and a whole slew of other problems. We are on the hunt for some of the most horrible websites we can find so you can make fun of them with us. Share them with your friends - use them to Rickroll some poor sod, then donate some money so we can hire these people a good web developer!