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Dec 31, 2011 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Cherry Bombs, Duds, IEDs

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I often find myself wondering where to start with these reviews. I mean, look at this site and just try to analyze it for content. Can you tell what it’s about? It took me a good five minutes of clicking links and whatnot to realize that this site is the way it is because the creator is bat-shit crazy. I ended up heading to her Facebook page, which mentions her 8 other websites (only one of which had an active link, and it was also a doozy) and it turns out she’s some kind of psychic / dream interpreter / hippy / mystic. Seriously nuts. These people crack me up. It’s pretty hard for me to keep this rant on the website design… But let me run it down.

We’ve got most of the common problems here: all-centered text, terrible color scheme that hurt the eyes, zero attempt at navigation or usability. Okay, let me get this out of the way because I know what some of you are thinking. “Mr. Bomber, obviously they don’t really care about all that stuff because they’re not selling anything.” Fine, I say, but please tell me what the point of this site is then. I would argue they’re selling their own brand of infectious idiocy, and they are advertising it by, apparently, posting a ton of YouTube videos, links to FB pages, and various other completely random links and quotations. These types of wackos are a dime-a-dozen, but this page is special to me. About 10 minutes in I found a section of links with dates. Okay, so this is a blog now? Or maybe a zine? So, clicking on one, turns out it dumps to a fucking riot of just spewing bullshit. I’ll give you a snippet here, but really you should go read some.

Je saod.
Govmg i[ sigar os tje beset wau tp dp ot/
Tje weogjt actia;;u s;od pff wotjpit starvomg becaise O wasm
t evem jimgru pmce O gave i [tje sigar/

On the page, that comes up right in the middle of a sentence, prettymuch, with no mention of why the hell it was there. “Je saod” is actually a typo, in my estimation, but the rest is either foreign, alien, or like in tongues or some shit. Later in this sample post, there is a guest column explaining how the pyramids were an energy storing crystalline matrix that harnessed power based on their positioning on ley lines. For FUCK’S sake!

I just want to point out that this lady has more FB followers than we do. How is this possible? Who would look at that site, and be all “I wanna come back here later and get ALL this stuff! It’s so great!”? Maybe I’m doing something wrong… I know she is.

Wait a minute, I guess I went off on a tangent again instead of fully reviewing the site. I don’t really feel bad about this because the site just does that to you. No organization, combined with my sick sense of pleasure trying to figure out why the hell is wrong with this lady, leads me to make rash decisions. You know what? Fuck it. I’m not gonna bother reviewing the site per se because, well, just look at it! If you can’t tell what’s wrong with it then maybe you should buy the app to become a remote viewer and move to California.

So, I am now convinced, as I continue to simply scroll down the ridiculously long page, that this person is not just nuts, but most likely schizophrenic. Or something. I bet the DSM-IV would reveal a veritable smorgasbord of mental illnesses based on this text alone. I can only imagine trying to talk to someone like this. It’s almost as though an insomniac with a desperate need to fill some gaping personality holes listened to the late-night talk shows for years and just bought it all. Art Bell, I commend you. Every retarded conspiracy theory, mystic bullshit, ancient-text prediction and occult ranting is represented. No filter, no rhyme or reason, nothing linking it together. Just a mess of thought vomit.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, but I guess she rubbed off on me.

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