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Jan 12, 2015 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Dirty Bombs, Duds

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Listen. If someone is going to pay you money to do something, there has to be a certain level of responsibility that goes along with it. Even hairdressers are licensed in the US. The fact that a web developer can create utter shit and pass it off as a paid service drives me up the wall.

Take a look at these guys. “OmoniDesign & Technical Services¬†enjoy the professionalism that come with long range of services and experiences with relationships with our customers both locally and nationally” is an actual sentence on the site. I went to college and I don’t know what the hell that means.

The site is ugly in that trying-too-hard way.¬†The colors they chose, the layout, everything just tells me they don’t know squat about what could reasonably be called good design. All of that isn’t so bad, except this is supposed to be a designer. And they’re charging money.

The portfolio reveals the worst offenses, though. What utter garbage is this with the stupid looking gradients and corny fonts? This kind of terrible photoshopping belong on 90’s Eazy-E albums, not websites. To think some poor sods forked over their hard-earned money, and they got this in return… How do they sleep at night?

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