Perfect storm

Dec 31, 2015 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Cherry Bombs, IEDs, Pipe Bombs

 Web Bombs Bad Website:

Seriously might be the worst website I’ve ever seen. It is so bad, my browser almost crashed just trying to open it. Several times. I also got a bunch of pop ups when I tried to visit, but I closed it all out right away.

You did see our post about the Top 11 Web Bombs Red Flags, right? This site goes right down the list and covers pretty much all of them. Once in a while, a site comes along so bad it’s almost like the perfect storm of shit. The shit just perpetuates itself and makes more shit-storm, increasing in intensity like a Classical Thunder crescendo of shit. I feel like I’m in the little boat floating around, and then just waves of shit pummel it and it finally goes down. For me, is in that category. You just can’t imagine a site getting much worse… I don’t even really have anything much to say about it that you can’t notice right away. You just need to go look at it. It’s shocking, then funny, but then sad, and then kinda fascinating in roughly that order.

Some websites may be worse in one way or another, but this is that rare one that just has it all.

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