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Oct 8, 2011 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Cherry Bombs

Web Bombs Bad Wesbite:

Okay… So I will take it for granted that some people might not think this is a hoax, and that’s NOT why I’m posting it. Really, it’s more about how this truly is a horribly bad website. I promise. So, at least this one is finished, I think. There is a ton of content but honestly that’s really part of the problem. Dark background and all-centered content makes it hard to read. Don’t forget all the flashy animations and tons of links all over the place… This page looks like it was developed by a teenage boy in 1995!

This is actually a front for the page that is nested in a frame halfway down, upon careful observation. That one is actually arguably worse. I decided to feature THIS site still anyway because I have no idea why they bothered to make this page. If I had to guess–which I did–I would say they didn’t realize they could make both domains point to the same place or something. The weirdness of this layer makes the whole project worse overall. The other page is totally worth clicking on though, just for the mid-90′s style flashing star animated background. This is Geocities bad! Animation effects all over, and you know the designer thinks it’s freakin’ AWESOME! You know how I know this? Take a look on the left side of the page, and you will see a button to SUBMIT A REVIEW OF HER SITE! She’s actually proud of this! Wow.

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