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Apr 3, 2012 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Duds, Pipe Bombs

Web Bombs Bad Website: seriouspuzzles.com

A really bad puzzle shop page. This one is borderline not that bad, but it’s getting featured due to the fact that they are clearly¬†trying really hard to do this and just failing. There are a whole series of these “serious” shops that all follow the same format and are janky. The site is plain as hell and ugly as a motherfucker. The navigation is flat and boring, there is a riot of information in all the wrong places, the eyes don’t know what to focus on and the palette is whack… But it’s also highly ranked by Google. They have a decent domain. They must be making money. I wonder how much more successful they could be with the right branding and marketing strategy…

I pose this as a serious question for developers: what if I came to you as the owner and asked what you thought of it? We all get that once in a while. “So you’re a designer. What do you think of my site? I didn’t want to pay someone and I figured I could do it myself.” What case would you make to offer a redesign? Or would you not pick up that project because you know how those people are?


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