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Mar 23, 2012 Only 1 Rant    Bad website filed under: Cherry Bombs, IEDs, Pipe Bombs

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… Stay for the schizophrenic mess!

This website is at first funny, and then bizarre, and finally a little frightening. I challenge everyone reading this to go to the site and try to honestly read it with the intention of shopping for a dress first. Then, without trying too hard, you will find some information about an “artist” that is somehow affiliated. Then, with a little effort (but not nearly enough, seeing as how it has nothing at all to do with a bridal shop), you might even discover the story of how this artist was sucked into a time-warp to become an alien experiment. And YOU thought you were looking for a dress. Hah! Sucker… Besides the unimaginably strange journey that the page takes you down, the site itself is almost sadistically bad. Yvette’s Bridal is everything that can go wrong with the web. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that it’s some kind of intentional test, and there are moments where I swear that the haphazard navigation, riot of colors, and oddly placed animations are some kind of joke. I don’t believe that any more, though, having read the page I am convinced the owner is absolutely bat-shit crazy and quite likely created the site in some kind of schizophrenic breakdown episode. There does seem to be a real store that is somehow connected to the site, but the grasp is tenuous. If you look closely, you can see pics of it in the background (most easily on the Yvette’s Fashion Models link if you can find that) and it looks almost as crazy as this page. This has to be the trashiest bridal shop I’ve ever seen.  If an insane asylum was given classes on web design, they would collectively produce this page.  *~V8~+*

Update:  Whoops. Looks like the link doesn’t work anymore. She was probably institutionalized because no one in their right mind would continue to keep that site up. 

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  • Looks like this site has gone down! I’m hoping they bring it back up some time so I can marvel at it some more. It doesn’t surprise me though.

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