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This site is just what you would expect from bitter divorcees trying to run their own shop to stick it to their asshole ex-husbands! It’s as ad-hoc and ridiculous as their store. I can just hear the smokers’ wheeze and coughing coming from Croppin Night or whatever retarded event they’re running… The site DOES look like a scrapbook, though, in a totally amateurish and naive way. If this site could be made with a Cricut under an insanely expensive Ott lamp on the dining room table, it would have been. And they’re all proud of it, too. “Fuck you, old hubby who had to set up Outlook Express (on my $1,000 laptop that I only use to play Farmville on Facebook) because I couldn’t figure it out. Look at me now!” Their Photo Gallery says it all: We’re quirky, independent women who know how to have a fun night with the ladies. This place would be out of business in a couple of years except that it’s the only “scrapbookin” store in that shit town. It will probably go under anyway, because this site proves beyond a doubt that Misti and Patti (this is all so stereotypically silly that you can’t make it up) have no business sense. Maybe if they invested the cost of just two or three scrapbooks, they could have paid a developer to make them a decent website!

Ugh, they’re totally trying to be all cute and hip and young, to vicariously recapture their wasted youth by glorifying the vapid and hollow lives of their own aimless children and their FAS/ADHD grandchildren. You can tell how hip they are because they keep droppin the ‘g’ at the end of their gerunds. Oooooh! Look at that grunge texture on the very first page! What the hell were they thinking? Then the pictures all just tossed on there wherever they lie? No eye for balance or unity or even any real sense of aesthetics? Sounds like a typical piece of shit scrapbook to me, another $400 abomination that the kids are “just thrilled” to have and will toss on a shelf and never open again. And they probably wonder why everyone thinks “scrapbookin” chicks like this are so trashy and predictable. Wonder no longer, this site says it all.

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