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May 5, 2012 2 Rants    Bad website filed under: Duds

Web Bombs Bad Website: franklinohio.org

Despite the fact that the government surely has money to devote to it, this site for the city of Franklin, Ohio is irritating in at least 5 different ways.

  1. The color palette actually hurts my eyes. Just because HGTV tells you an accent color is important and urges you to go bold, I’m not in your god damn kitchen and this red is seriously distracting. My eye WANTS to look at it, which makes reading any text physically painful.
  2. The stupid navigation bar is crazy long and just packed together. The sub navigation just loads a new page and replaces the old navigation items. Click on something like Fire Department to see what I mean. The nav also does that irritating thing where, when you mouse over an area it highlights, but you can’t just click on the box, you have to click on the text link. Wait. Hold up. Some of them you can click on the button and not the link. Huh? Major fail.
  3. Is that banner up top dithered? Fucking dithered? What am I using here, AOL’s browser? And the parts that aren’t dithered still manage to look all fuzzy. Again, hurts my eyes because they desperately WANT to focus on something.
  4. Why is the entire page so far to the left that–not even making this up–HALF of my screen is just blank white? Now look, I’m a big fan of minimalist design but whoever designed this ain’t no Mondrian. This is a mistake… If you don’t know how to mess with this stuff, you just shouldn’t build a website. That’s fucking basic.
  5. The flat colors and ugly ass graphics manage to make all of the aforementioned elements stand out even more. You know, like how a good eye for color or layout can tie everything together? This one makes them all look even more fractured, accidental, and asinine. Look at that Facebook button! I think they knew they wanted to make that button a little less 2D, but the best they could come up with is those bullshit I’m-not-even-sure-how-to-do-a-lensflare-in-photoshop corner highlights? The best looking thing on the entire home page is the button to go to an online payment site, and I’m pretty sure they got that from the other site.

I’m never moving to Franklin, Ohio. I don’t care if it’s charming. Raise your property taxes by one dollar per household, and pay a web developer to redesign this shit. Just because you’re a municipality doesn’t mean nobody cares how your website looks.


Update: Looks like the site’s down. Hopefully they’re building a new one to put in it’s place. We can only hope.

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  • You guys should feature this site: http://www.websitesthatsuck.com. It’s quite ironic…

    • OMG! You’re completely right. That’s like, not Alanis Morissette ironic, it’s dictionary ironic.

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