10 Bad Websites for Plumbers

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I always use the analogy that plumbers don’t know anything about web design and I don’t know anything about plumbing. It’s really best that we all stick with what we know. Division of labor is nothing new. Here, in no particular order, are some terrible websites by plumbers. Let’s go.

Web Bombs Bad Website: jheringplumbing.com

1. jheringplumbing.com

This is what happens when your screen resolution is so small that you don’t realize that you have a ton of whitespace. If your computer is that old or your eyesight so terrible, you walk away from the keyboard and leave this to the pros. If that isn’t what happened, that’s even worse. Extra props, though, for the cute logo AND the fact that it’s a favicon. Wow! You figured that out but you were cool with the rest of the site being junk?

Web Bombs Bad Website: rontheplumber.com

2. rontheplumber.com

God damnit! WHY is everything on this page centered? It really could be worse but that just makes me mad. Talk about a cop-out, no thought “design” choice. And the jury is out on the color scheme. On the one hand, the bright blue and red are the default of unformatted websites, these ones are on purpose. Plumbers are totally the type to be super patriotic and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised to learn that the colors were completely deliberately chosen. Another reason plumbers shouldn’t be designing.

Web Bombs Bad Website: salmanzoplumbing.com

3. salmanzoplumbing.com

I thought my browser was screwing up at first when I saw the background. Like: “okay any minute now once it’s done loading, that background will snap into place.” I can kinda see what it’s supposed to look like right above the header image. I can just hear Sal sitting at his keyboard exhaling a long sigh and saying “Screw it, man. They get the idea. Right buddy?” to his chocolate lab panting next to him.

P.S. Plungers for nav dividers? Great job, dumbshit. I know plumbers aren’t known for class, but that’s just bad.

Web Bombs Bad Website: uaplumber78.com

4. uaplumber78.com

Holy shit, they actually updated this site. Take a look at the screenshot to the left and then check the link. Now, I thought about taking it off the list, but naaaaaah. Still sucks. For mostly different reasons, but I’d bet my union dues that some jerkoff in Local 78 volun-fucking-teered his geeky kid to build this. “Yeah, Jimmy’s a real whiz with this stuff! You should see what he made for this Japanese cartoon he’s into. He can do it!”

SMH… The march of progress, man.

Web Bombs Bad Website: joelaratheplumber.com

5. joelaratheplumber.com

Holy shit! This is the website from THAT Joe the Plumber? The dude the McCain campaign tried to basically hire for their cause? And THIS is his site? A couple of comments are in order. First, great job registering your domain before some quick-witted domainer who saw you on TV. Smooth. Now someone else is trying to cash in on joetheplumber.com. Second, what unreadable trash am I looking at here? You telling me that McCain wouldn’t have paid you to have a real designer do this? You could have probably gotten a decent designer to build it free for the exposure. The most tragic thing about this is contained in this statement on the page:

“Since the debate 10-15-08 between John McCain and Barrack Obama, I have received: 380,000 hits on my website, over 600 phone calls, and 900 e-mails.”

What a waste, man. I’m sure he’s gotten a whole lot more than that.

Web Bombs Bad Website: tsbpe.state.tx.us

6. tsbpe.state.tx.us

I am pretty sure this is official. Look, I know y’all are a bunch of anti-government wingnuts and all, but you can’t spend just a few tax dollars for a decent design? Just maybe a grand or two? This is just shamefully bad for anything remotely official.

Web Bombs Bad Website: phoenixplumberservices.com

7. phoenixplumberservices.com

Come on, guys. You probably know a few people who work at GoDaddy. You can’t flip one a six-pack to build you a site some weekend? Maybe do some work-trade or something? You know it’s bad when the people who claimed to design it didn’t even link it to their own website in the footer. Web Savvy Marketing, my ass.

Web Bombs Bad Website: pattheplumber.com

8. pattheplumber.com

This guy is SO Irish! This site is close to being decent. So much so that I would guess they DID hire a designer. Only problem is that Pat’s only design input must have been “I’m super fucking Irish so that shit better be green as hell” and left the rest up to them.

Oh yeah, and I think he must have gone out of business because it looks like the site is down. Haha! Hope he paid the freelancer first.

Web Bombs Bad Website: raytheplumber.com

9. raytheplumber.com

Just watch the video. Who even knew there WAS a Ray?! Also, the site is jacked up and now the text isn’t even showing up for me. What does this say about Ray? “About Us? Nothing, really. Our services? Just guess. Plumber stuff, you know.”

Just. Spend. The money. You have a ‘fleet’ of trucks. Invest in something that matters, Ray. Your website matters.

Web Bombs Bad Website: findaplumber.com

10. findaplumber.com

I gotta say, having seen these websites, that finding a plumber is maybe one of the very few things I can imagine using an actual phonebook for. These websites are all so bad that A) I don’t want to use them and B) They’re not really telling me anything about which ones are better. Judging by these ugly, lackluster websites, I’m going to Lowe’s and getting a book and some tools. I’m not letting these dipshits NEAR my pipes.

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  • On this website everything is so centered. The background is fine, but everything else is so awkward. There is no navigation bar, except for two links: ‘we suggest’ & ‘why use a licensed plumber?’ On both those pages there is not much information either. Ironically, on the ‘we suggest’ page, there are two links to plumbing products websites, and both those sites display great web pages. One in particular, http://www.deltafaucet.com , is really good website in my opinion, and I love its nav bar.

  • While the nav bar on the homepage initially looks good, it has managed to fail where it had so much potential.
    It’s missing the ‘contact us’ button which can be found via the the ‘homeowners’ nav button and then via the ‘plumbing tips’ button on the homeowners page. In fact, almost all the navigation buttons seem to be in the wrong place. Not only that, some links on some pages don’t have a nav button to link back to the homepage.
    Another strange thing is the blue heading on each page is off centre for some reason.
    And the low opacity toilet images on each page aren’t a good idea; the whole site already stinks.

    • Agreed on all points. I guess it wouldn’t be on this site if it was actually good. :D But you’re right about all of that.

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