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Oct 6, 2011 Begin the Rant    Bad website filed under: Duds, IEDs

Web Bombs Bad Website:

May I present, for your consideration,, a train wreck of a bad website with so many things wrong. First, such a bad domain name. Seriously, so bad. Second, it’s hard to even say what this site is supposed to be doing. Major broken nav and even if it was working I can’t understandwhat the hell I’m clicking on or why I would want to. So many missing images and lots of missing content. I kind of wonder what it’s supposed to be. I THINK it’s a portal for some eBay store or something but it doesn’t really matter since I can’t seem to click on anything that takes me to a real page. Wow.

It does get some credit for being a WordPress page that you can’t tell is a WordPress page, but the “Hello World” post at the bottom that they failed to remove is kind of a giveaway, and I’m about 90% sure that they weren’t intending to hide the WordPressiness in the first place. No, sorry, about 99%. At any rate, I can only pray to God that they are not finished with this one… Please… Tell me this is a work in progress. Who would possibly leave their site like this unless it was either hacked, their webmaster fled the country on felony drug charges, or they went to the hospital in the middle of building it. If it is in fact supposed to  be functional, then I will actually kill myself in protest of a world that allows such a terrible site to exist. Oh, and for realz don’t get me started on the absolutely ridiculous domain name!

Update: Looks like they’ve taken the site down. Good thing too. Now you guys won’t have to hurt your brains clicking around on there. They saved you the trouble. Now you’ll just have to look at our screenshot to see just how bad it was before.

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