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Mar 20, 2012 Only 1 Rant    Bad website filed under: Duds, IEDs

Web Bombs Bad Website: directsoftwareconnection.com

Do you suppose some people would visit this site and convince themselves it’s a legal and viable alternative to full versions of software? Can you imagine a world where a person would say to themselves: “You know, I think it’s weird that a guy would pay so much money for Photoshop when a nice company like this one can offer the same thing for a fraction of the cost! It’s not shady at all!” I can’t imagine that world. Nay, I DARE not… Everything about the site just screams DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE! If it is legit in any way (as they assert in the text of the banner, if you can even read it), the page would certainly scare off most interested buyers who aren’t morons. From the animated gifs to the terrible layout to the absolute lack of any cohesive design aesthetic, the site comes off as a shady software ecommerce scam.

Some people are fine with downloading pirate software, but if I’m not mistaken they usually wouldn’t actually pay someone for it. Right? Isn’t that what warez are all about? Am I wrong on this one?


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  • This website is so gaudy and unreadable. After the first couple of minutes, I gave it a miss. There’s just far too much info all cluttered up everywhere and anywhere. Besides that, its a big con also.

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