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Oct 13, 2011 Only 1 Rant    Bad website filed under: Cluster Bombs, Pipe Bombs

Web Bombs Bad Website: SitesToRemember.com

Okay… So, here’s a BAD website for a designer. I’m sorry… I am sick and tired of these no-talent hacks pawning off their creations as legitimate professional work! Not that all of the example sites are terrible, compared to some of the stuff featured here, but I have to assume that these are the best examples of their work! Look at the logo designs, for chrissakes! Ugly! This is not webmastering. These are pages I might expect to praise a middle-school kid for kicking out to complete a school project. In fact, these sites would be better off using templates like those kids surely would! Custom design? Really? If you were in the market for a site, honestly, and you looked at these examples what would compel you to hire this person? One can’t even make the argument that this is some kind of modern minimalism if they want to sleep soundly at night. This is amateurish drivel. I’ve actually seen a designer who hired a designer to build their own site, and now I think that maybe some other “webmasters” should do the same. Developers, I’m telling you, there is a lot of work to do to repair the reputation of the industry. Sometimes you hire someone to build your site and they flee to Mexico, and sometimes you kinda wish they would do that instead of making you a genuine, custom piece of their art. Demand a refund, example pages.

Also worth noting is the fact that their domain is confusing, since the browser bar doesn’t use capitalization, the bad domain can just as easily be read as “site store member.com” which is just weird and gross. They even inappropriately brag about how they register good domain names. I seriously would have so much LESS of a problem with all of these things if the webmaster was less ballsy about tooting their horn. They are PROUD of this junk. That kind of hubris is sad and embarrassing, and one must wonder if they were overly coddled as a child. 


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